Founder and Co-Chair of the Board of Chance for Sports: Anuva Shandilya

 Anuva is a Junior at the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business studying Operations, Information, and Decisions and Strategic Management with a minor in Engineering Entrepreneurship. In high school, she was on the Varsity lacrosse and track teams and was a PE leader. Now, in college, she enjoys playing volleyball, tennis, going boxing, and has even picked up pickleball. Since she can remember, Anuva has had a bat, ball, or cleat in her hands. That is why she started Chance for Sports: to give underprivileged children the same accessibility, the same appreciation for teamwork and discipline, and the same uber amounts of fun she had growing up. In her free time, other than goofing off on a sports field, Anuva likes to hang out with friends, go for hikes with her dog, April, and travel!

Co-Chair of the Board and CEO of Chance for Sports: Daksh Shandilya

Daksh is a junior at Neuqua Valley and has been an integral member of the Chance for Sports team since its founding. He has been volunteering with the nonprofit since age 10; in fact, as a 10-year-old, he even went door-to-door collecting sports equipment donations the very first summer Chance for Sports started, and the organization would be nothing like it is today without him. Equally as passionate about sports and the impact it can have on children, he is excited to be at the forefront of this organization. Currently, Daksh is a member of the Ultimate Frisbee team in high school, and enjoys biking, hanging out with his friends, and playing video games whenever he has free time. 

Board Member of Chance for Sports: Luke Allerton

Luke is a sophomore at Neuqua Valley where he hopes to be part of the golf team. Luke also loves playing the trumpet, watching movies, and travelling to Florida when it gets cold in Chicago. He has been involved with Chance for Sports for a couple years now, and is excited to continue giving underprivileged children the same joy he gets from playing sports!  

Chapter Head in India: Sanchita Pant

Sanchita is a Senior at Oberoi International School in Mumbai, India. She discovered the world of sports at the age of 11, when she first started sailing. Currently, Sanchita is part of the India National Squad and has represented her country in many international regattas. As an athlete in India, Sanchita has witnessed how talent in sports is not distinguished by economic differences. So, she was empowered to join the Chance for Sports team to promote and advocate for the underprivileged. In her free time, Sanchita enjoys reading mystery novels and hanging out with her friends!

Pictured below: our amazing volunteers!