Co-Founder and CEO of Chance for Sports: Anuva Shandilya

 Anuva is senior at Neuqua Valley High School, where she is very involved with sports. She is on the Varsity track team and is also a PE leader at her school. Sports have influenced her life incredibly, and she thought it completely unfair that underprivileged children did not have the same opportunities to play, which is why she created Chance for Sports. In her free time, Anuva also likes to hang out with friends, go for hikes with her dog, April, and travel!

Board Member of Chance for Sports: 

Tala Fahoum

Tala is a senior at Neuqua Valley and absolutely loves children. She interns at an elementary school and is part of a future teachers' club at Neuqua. Tala's love for children brought her to Chance for Sports, as she is passionate about kids being able to follow their dreams and wants to help them realize their full potentials. Tala is on the school marching band and, on the weekends, enjoys not only playing the viola and piano, but also reading and baking. 

Board Member of Chance for Sports: Christian De Leon

Christian is a senior at Neuqua Valley where he is on the Ultimate Frisbee team. He is a lover of all things basketball, but was unfortunately injured in middle school and is unable to fully extend his right elbow, preventing him from playing. Undeterred by his injury, and wanting to spread passion for sports among all children, Christian joined the Chance for Sports team to make sure no child is left behind. In his free time, Christian enjoys playing the guitar, going to church, and playing with his adorable dog, Happy!

                                                                                     Chapter Head in India:

                                                                                      Sanchita Pant

Sanchita is a 9th grader at Oberoi International School in Mumbai, India. She discovered the world of sports at the age of 11, when she first started sailing. Currently, Sanchita is part of the India National Squad and has represented her country in many international regattas. As an athlete in India, Sanchita has witnessed how talent in sports is not distinguished by economic differences. So, she was empowered to join the Chance for Sports team to promote and advocate for the underprivileged. In her free time, Sanchita enjoys reading mystery novels and hanging out with her friends!

Pictured below: our amazing volunteers!